Sewing Progress

We last traveled to Caracol from March 28, 2019 to April 11, 2019. I had decided the girls were not making the desired progress on their uniform skirts, and I would have to go for 2 weeks and work with a smaller group of them. It was successful and all 16 girls were able to finish their skirts. Two women from Omaha joined us for the second week to help get everyone finished. I have found a really wonderful Haitian woman that is learning along with the girls. She works as a house mother at the orphanage on the grounds and could easily become our first teacher. The look on the girls faces and their obvious pride in their accomplishment made all the low times wash away. Iā€™m so grateful for this opportunity and the privilege of working with the girls. We will repeat this format of two week long trips to get all the girls finished with their uniform skirts. We have around 50-60 girls that finished the simple elastic waist skirt, and need to move on to the pleated skirt with a zipper and pocket. We will continue the 2 week format until all the girls are caught up. I hope to have our building started so when all the girls are caught up, we can start the blouse in our own space.. We are planning another trip this fall to get more skirts done, and possibly computer instruction for the boys, and a medical mission included. Please help in any way you feel moved to do. Fund us, or Pray for us!!

Blessed Be The Name of The Lord!!

Nancy Evans