Upcoming Trip

We are planning another trip to Caracol, Haiti on 10/25-11/09. Daniel and I will plan on staying for 2 weeks and will be working with the girls on finishing their uniform skirts. We succeeded in finishing the skirts for the first class and will now move to get the 2nd class finished. Hopefully if we don’t get quite done Destue can help them finish. We welcome any that would wish to come alongside us to work on this project. If I have enough help, Dan may work with the boys on learning more about computer application. He also would welcome help.

we have also approached others that had expressed interest in a vision ministry for this trip. Some girls struggle in ways with the sewing that lead us to believe they might have problems with eyesight. We are excited to add this gift to the girls, but mostly we need more space….our own space- the trade school!

Please consider joining us in anyway you feel led to do, either helping us in one of these capacities or giving any amount to our trade school fund. Be blessed.

In God’s Time,


Nancy Evans