Things I Didn't See Coming

1)  The enthusiasm for this class from the 2nd year students.

2)  Persons I had not thought of as close friends becoming my best supporters and best friends.

3)  The expansion of the mission to include boys happening so quickly.

4)  The very real need for our own space within Pastor Payot's community.

When Daniel and I made our first visit to Caracol to start the sewing ministry, we sat down with Pastor Payot who had asked me to teach the class and the Principle of the school. As we talked we learned we each expected different things to be accomplished. My ultimate goal was to create a 'cottage industry' that at some point would become self-sustaining. I wanted to help them help themselves.  The Principle's goal was smaller, to have the girls learn to sew their uniforms and sew some for other students that couldn't afford them. Pastor Payot's was much bigger as he imagined a trade school for both boys and girls that could equip them with skills that would enable them to find work...his first choice was computer skills. At that time it seemed so very far away.

Now here we are planning our third trip for April 28-May 5. Jackie who went with me in November has great enthusiasm and wants to go again. She also has 2 friends that may want to go. Jackie is my surprising best supporter and best friend united in this mission. Daniel and our friend Michael plan to teach beginning computer skills to the first class of boys. Also every time we go, we will have a new class of beginners for sewing and will be taking every other class to the next set of skills. Jackie's beginners class will be learning how to make a box pleat, sew in a zipper, sew in a pocket and attach the waistband and finish with belt loops. The class I had in November will be making their first uniform skirt, and we will also have a new class of beginners. In the last year, we have grown from 1 sewing class to 3 sewing classes and the first class for boys in computer skills.

As Jackie and I talked things over last November we were looking for ways to enhance the training and It all came back to 'more'. More teachers, more machines, more tables, and of course, more space! That quickly we are in need of beginning the trade school. And that also requires 'more'...More Money!

 I appreciate so very much those of you that are reading this and have contributed so very generously to our ministry. I do hope you will spread the word about the website and the good work that we are doing in Caracol, Haiti. No gift is too small and for $50 or more we will send you a gift of our appreciation. The website is secure and all donations are tax deductible. 

Please also pray for us too! When God decides to move things can go pretty quickly and we are scrambling to keep up with Him! Give God the Glory!



Nancy Evans