Happy New Year - 2018!

We hope all of you had a great Christmas with your loved ones and look forward to a Happy and Healthy New Year! We are so grateful to those of you that have given us your generous support through our donation site and pray that more of you reading this will be moved to donate also. Any amount is greatly appreciated, but if you donate $50 or more we will send you a handmade gift bag as a thank you. 

Our November trip to Caracol was very productive in spite of three of our team not able to go. I'm so grateful that Jackie was willing to go with just the two of us. It was hard work, especially for Jackie, but we persevered and accomplished all we had set out to do. Jackie took the beginner class of 29 girls and they completed a simple elastic waist skirt and made things for their hair to match. They were all given House of Lydia t-shirts when they were finished. That part was very rewarding to them and us. 

Nancy Evans