Upcoming trip to Caracol, Haiti - November 18th

I am blessed to have 4 other people traveling with me on this trip, a friend Jackie, my daughter, granddaughter and grandson.

The first trip we made in March my husband and myself managed to teach 23 girls to sew a simple skirt with an elastic waist. The girls received a t-shirt for graduation and we had a fashion show on Friday night in the church. 

Now, Jackie and I will start that first class into making a pleated skirt like their uniform. This will be more challenging. While my daughter and granddaughter will introduce a new class to the simple skirt with elastic waist. They too will receive a t-shirt and have a fashion show in the church on the last night we are there. We are taking hardware to make folding tables out of wood we find there. It's difficult and expensive to get a 4 x 6 table down there, so we decided to try this.

Please pray for us on our trip. Especially on the 18th when we are trying to get through customs. It's really chaotic! And look for a new post after the 25th!!



Nancy Evans